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What’s Kraken?

A little update. Due to covid lockdown my Ireland, Uk, Italy, France, and Germany drops are once again postponed. I will be pushing back into Fall given they open to a degree it’s worth going so I can meet people. Haha So on that note arranged to additional Demos and one drop switched with my Roor drop. Anyhow I’m out cleaning the van to set sail soon so fresh so clean and just confirmed I will stay stateside next month thru summer. Will update itinerary and have free tees, stickers n stiff for anyone who RSVP the meetups. Stoked to see people even tho I like my alone time, yes socially bipolar. :)

Below are some basics

- Apr The Proper Pipe Orlando

- May Greenhouse (Demo) Maryland

- June Treasure Chest (Demo) SoFlorida

- June Mikes Smoke Coachella CA

- July Santa Cruz meetup w/Weedwookies drop

- Aug Mexico Demo

- Aug Drop Melbourne Australia

- Sept ???? :)

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