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Updated: Jan 1, 2023

What's Kraken?

📍Location: Quartzsite

Happy Holidays from Dome Rock. If o don't get a chance to say thanks for the support, I'm saying it now. :)

Outpost for next 3days and maybe New Years. Took a week to bring the girls out to a spot I did the grind from 5yrs ago. The Slabs have so many stray dogs I do not let them out anymore there.

As far as my holidays. I spent mine with fam down in Palm Springs with my Uncle who is been given a month to live, but fighting it with Chemo and a upcoming operation. Hence the reasoning I'm not in Fl as of yet for this winter. If his operation goes ok, it buys him bonus time and I'll return to FL. If it doesn't I don't care where I'm at and will only worry about hatchin' them last 20 🐙🔱! Bringing 1 step closer to the "200" Kraken Project. Info on the news tab.

WAG is on hold so I can focus on my own glass, therefore if have $WICKED contact me to receive $KK Kraken Koin. Ya ya crypto and whole world is scared after FTX but fundamentals of blockchain in the way I'll use it for charity and providence will not change.


What is $KK? It is my art token that 20% of each piece of glass I'll use to buy back my own token to store for charity and then the member exchanging will burn the appropriate said amount. Reducing supply except what remains, that doesn't make back to my market. It's like a measurement tool system to maintain value. I will eventually stop making Kraken related glass. Allowing for other blockchain ventures or glass projects. I mean years away!! I'd love to try and challenge myself to create awareness to Coral Restoration. It's kinda hard with world affairs, but whatever. The goal is still my core motivation.

2022 was a character building year. Let's go 2023!

What is everyone doing for New Years? 2023 would love to meet waaaay more members and start getting these damn Kraken Cookouts going! Music , glass, food, camping etc.

Why do they call it Quartzsite? All the quartz! :) 5yrs ago for fun to stay busy as cats roamed, I'd make quartz fire pits. I'll drop the cordinates for members later if ever want a chill spot away from everything in the desert. :)

Anyhow back to work ... still a work day!! :) I hope everyone has a rad & safe New Years! Once my buddie brings me my materials I'll finish the Holiday Giveaway that was voted on. I think Sun or Mon. If he doesn't I'll grab the glass when roll into LA for Dichro work. (Their currently closed for holidays) ☮️😊


-GlassOutlaw (friend keeps calling me)

-Jimi2Torches (name given by a slabber because had no idea why I use 2 torches) haha

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