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What’s Kraken?! - Itinerary Spring|Summer

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

So as it heats up here in So FLo the schedule is getting put together for departure. Europe is postponed until Fall due to covid and instead of just dropping Germany, France, Ireland, UK and Italy for second year in a row, I’m pushing only couple months. Obviously need my vaccine bullshit. That said the current schedule is as follows.

- April 30th Orlando, The Proper Pipe (Drop)

- June 5th Maryland, Greenhouse (Drop|Demo)

- June 15th Fort Myers, Treasure Chest (Drop|Demo)

- June Nashville, Marlys (Demo|Meetup)

- June Kansas City area, RiseNGrind (Drop|Meetup)

- June Vancouver Island, BC Mediheadyglassco (Mini Dtop)

- July 1st Coachella, Mike’s Smoke (Drop)

- July surprise drop with new Gallery

- Aug|Sept Australia

- Oct Europe

Will add more info on each drop under the menu tab “Itinerary“

RSVPs will be sold and be NFTs that include a limited edition dabmat of the image displayed. Only can get in person with RSVP purchase. (TBA)

Will also be planning a dive trip to complete 6rh Reef Kraken. Release of Krypto Kraken at (TBA) event. At each drop I’ll have a couple trees and freebies as well. Last summer was a disaster with Covid following me but hopefully everything smooths out. If any members are on this route let me know. :)

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1 Kommentar

24. Apr. 2021

I live in Eureka CA, Humboldt County. Looks like it's right on your route. 🙏

Gefällt mir
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