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$Wicked Koin

Updated: Apr 10

April 20th, 2022 $Wicked will be available on an exchange, 2 years on the day I minted, 10years from the day I started traveling blowing glass. :)

2019 I First minted Wicked, with intention to use for glass in a way I couldn’t do because the technology wasn’t there.

2020 I moved it to Eth and burned the other tokens on Wave blockchain. I later read up on Cardanos smart contracts coming in 2021 and immediately bought some and decided to wait, before anymore use on Eth.

Cardano is faster, cheaper, more secure and most GREEN blockchain. 2021 May I moved $Wicked to Cardano awaiting for it to roll out to enable a bunch of functions. All of this so I can secure royalties to Coral Restoration Charity with my glass.

2.5 years later the basic bones of foundation is complete. :) Thus isn’t just about NFTs, but about a whole eco - system with other artists to help me with this mission. An exchange for these artists tokens and marketplace.

Will create WAG, a blockchain artist service and management. Artist exchange, which will feature these artists‘ tokens.

First I needed to complete $Wicked Koin functions, because it will be the base Koin. Sooooo stoked and finally it’s now time to make a ton of glass and collabs. Then hit the road and spread the idea. We are the first charity blockchain token of any kind, to give back through creation of art. Even tho i hear people claiming this or that, i researched for months and nobody was doing anything before they heard word NFT. On that note i want to thank everyone who’s been active in the forum and is willing to go the long road, taking the time to learn and grow. It literally starts now after 2years. Haha

If a member and see this leave a comment and I’ll drop you 5 $KK Kraken Koin which will be the The Kraken Foundation Token in the future. The Foundation is the charity set up to delegate on behalf of the Coral Restoration, with the royalties of glass sold with $Wicked. A fun image of this Kraken Koin Is below. :) Also a message I sent to Christie’s Auction Art Company before they ever posted about NFTs. I might make it a NFT! :)

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